Trailer Financing For Those With Less Than Perfect Credit

We understand that you depend on your truck and trailer to make a living. Whether you are hauling landscaping equipment, moving gravel or transporting goods across the country, your trailer is an important part of your job. Whether you are just getting started in the business or replacing an aging vehicle, you need to get the best prices along with the best financing available. If you have great credit, this isnÕt usually a challenge. However, where do you go if your credit is poor? That answer is simple. When you have bad credit and need a truck, you can turn to us for help.

Types of Trailers

We offer financing on a variety of trailers for your purposes. We offer financing for:

  • Traditional semi-trailers
  • Reefer trailers
  • Flatbeds
  • Car haulers
  • Dry vans
  • All types of construction trailers
  • Dump trailer and
  • Commercial trailers
  • As Well As Any Type Of Commercial Truck Financing

We are proud to offer special financing for your convenience, and we can even help you if you have poor credit. We are dedicated to small owner-operators, so you can contact us for help even if you have been turned away by other lenders.

Bad Credit Doesnt Have to Prevent You From Getting Trailer Financing

When you have poor credit, itÕs hard to get the financing you need. We appreciate that you need the new trailer to expand your business and increase profit levels. ThatÕs why we offer financing for people with bad credit. There is no minimum credit score, and we allow start-up owner/ operators to put up their own private assets as collateral against the loan.

You Choose the Trailer, Let us Help with Trailer Financing

ItÕs up to you to find the trailer you need at a price you can afford. However, you can call on us for the financing when you find the right deal. We offer financing for trailers purchased from all types of sources.

  • Auctions
  • Private parties
  • Local dealers
  • Internet purchase

We can provide you with the financing you need to take advantage of that great deal and take your business to the next level.

Over-the-Phone Approval

Your extremely busy as you focus on developing your business and succeeding. You donÕt have hours to spend sitting on hold, filling out applications and waiting for an answer. You have decisions to make, accounts to earn and work to do. ThatÕs why we off pre-approval over the phone. You can get a tentative approval from us, so you can go on and make informed business decisions while the loan is finalized.

When you are ready to take your business to the next level with the addition of another trailer, let Capital Solutions help you with the financing you need. We offer assistance for people with bad credit, so you can get help even if your credit score is shaky. Once you find the right deal, count on us to provide you with the right trailer financing.

Trailer Financing For People With Bad Credit

If you have had a bankruptcy, repossession, or late pays we can help you financing a commercial trailer. Don’t let past credit problems stop you from growing your trucking business.

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