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If you operate a tractor trailer business and you have been looking for financing to expand your business, then you know how tough it is to get financing. Truckers have been having a hard time trying to get financing to start new business and to enlarge their operations. Banks as well as dealers are just not working with truckers and it is very frustrating.

If you are in the above situation, then Capital Solutions has the solution for you. We have a tractor loan program that will enable you to acquire the financing you need. You need to contact us because:

We can help you because we ensure that the collateral that you need is available. You can provide the following collateral to secure your loan:

Capital Solutions can provide financing for you to purchase these types of tractors:

Tractor Loans For People With Bad Credit

You may be reading this and still be concerned that you may not be able to secure financing after looking at your finances. Capital Solutions not only finances tractor purchases, but we can also finance the purchase of any heavy duty commercial asset.

If you have bad credit, then do not worry because Capital Solutions will still work with you. We do not turn anyone away regardless of their credit history. We can help you even if:

If you want more information about how we can assist you with getting the tractor loan that you need, then explore our website. We have a simple application process and a quick turnaround time. You can apply by telephone or online.

Getting a tractor loan is not hard to do. Apply today for financing to purchase your new tractor and take your business to the level it needs to be.