Semi Truck Financing

Need Semi Truck Financing?
Got Bad Credit?

Capital Solutions is a leader in providing semi truck financing for truckers! If you’re looking to finance a used semi truck and have bad credit we can help. Whether you have suffered bankruptcy, repossessions, or are a first time buyer we can get you on the road by getting additional collateral. This can be in the form of other free and clear semi trucks, trailers, or equity in real estate.

Here’s why you want to use our service:

  • No minimum credit score
  • Used semi trucks okay, up to ten years old (or older depending on the condition of the truck, etc.)
  • Start up owners operators that can put up additional collateral
  • Buy the truck from any dealer, private party, or auction
  • Any type of semi truck loan
  • Get pre-approved over the phone

For those truckers that prefer semi truck leasing we have programs that offer tax advantages and low down payments as well.

Don’t let past credit problems stop you from getting the semi truck financing you need to grow your business

We have been providing 18 wheeler financing and 18 wheeler leasing for truckers for over twelve years. We understand the over the road business. Don’t let past credit problems get in the way. Semi truck financing is our business.

Semi Truck Financing For People With Bad Credit

Sometimes someone with bad credit might be looking for a semi truck rental. This is because they don’t think they can get the financing necessary to get their own truck. Well, with our program there’s no need to waste your money renting a semi truck.

Kenworth Financing

Freightliner Leasing

 We work with all the major manufacturers including Kenworth, International, Mack, Freightliner, Peterbilt and other semi truck manufacturers.

Peterbilt Loans

 Freightliner Loans

A Quick Note About The Economy

It’s been a rough ride for most of us in the trucking industry. Many people have lost their jobs and business. In late 2008 the trucking industry took a two punch hit. First loads were harder to come by as manufacturing, construction, and retail slowed down. This put many in the trucking business on the skids. Second truck values plummeted causing some to lose their trucks to the banks. This was a wide spread problem so if you were one of the ones affected don’t feel bad; it happen to a lot of people.

Peterbilt Financing

 18 Wheeler Loans

 We want you folks to know that we understand what everyone has gone through and want to help you get re-established. If you have bad credit due to the recession and need a new semi pick up the phone and call us. We want to hear your story and want to help. Not everyone will qualify for our program but if there is a way to put it together we will find it.

As a self funded semi truck financing company we survived the downturn. It’s not the first we’ve seen and it won’t be the last.

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