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Owner Operator Loans For The Trucking Industry

Owner operator loans are our specialty at Capital Solutions. Past credit problems often hinder an owner/operator's ability to obtain financing to start a business or purchase additional equipment. With exceptional truck financing options, these hindrances are eliminated. We offer services for potential owner/operator with a history of repossession and bankruptcy. There are also options for first-time buyers with adequate collateral to boost approval.

What We Do:

Capital Solutions offers commercial truck financing to individuals with all credit ratings. We primarily focus on borrowers who have faced difficulties acquiring proper financing to start up a trucking business or additional trucks. Our services cater to road truck drivers and dump truck operators to provide these owner operator loans to a larger market.

Our staff of professionals evaluates the needs of our customers to establish their best options for financing. Upon the completion of this evaluation, we determine whether a cosigner or additional collateral is required for approval. We determine the amount of funds available for our clients and secure these funds at more than reasonable rates. We provide clients with projected payment schedules and overall costs.

Owner Operator Loans For Truckers With Bad Credit

How It Works:

Upon approval, we submit these funds to the equipment providers for our clients. These funds are transferred primarily via wire transfers or direct deposits. Once the funds are transferred the client begins the established payment schedule to repay the loan.

Why Our Services are Beneficial to You:

Contact Capital Solutions for all of your owner operator loans. Allow our excellent staff to find a solution and acquire approval on your preferred loan—today! Visit the commercial trucking financing pages for additional information about our exceptional owner operator loans and products!

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