Commercial Truck Leasing

Commercial trucking is the backbone of our economy. Practically, everything that provides convenience in our lives has been on a truck at some point. Therefore, it is a no¥brainer that those in the trucking industry should have access to financial support that will allow them to run their businesses and make an honest living.

We at Capital Solutions understand that many truckers have fallen on hard times. We too have felt the impact of a down economy. We know that many truckers have been impacted not because of any fault of their own. There are many reasons why truckers have not been able to conduct business as usual, including:

  • Slow housing starts which mean truckers are not hauling as many building supplies.
  • Higher fuel costs which put an upfront financial burden truckers, especially long distance truckers that lease or own their own rigs.
  • Tighter credit rules mean that persons that want to break into trucking cannot get the financing necessary for commercial truck leasing.
  • Increasing regulations mean more money spent on maintenance to make sure trucks meet environment and other standards.

If you are a trucker or are considering getting into the trucking business through commercial truck leasing, you should explore what Capital Solutions may be able to offer you. Getting commercial truck loans is now easier than you think. If you have gone through bankruptcy, have bad credit or are interested in trucking as a new career, we have solutions that might help you reach your goal of getting on the road.

We are self-financed, which means that we can offer some financial solutions that others may not be offered by others.

Commercial Vehicle Financing

While we may not be able to help all situations, we will evaluate your individual situation and do all we can to help you get the money you need for commercial truck leasing. Additionally, our working relationships with major truck manufacturers mean that you have a choice for your commercial truck leasing needs. Some of the brands we can bring to you include:

  • Freightliner
  • Kenworth
  • Peterbilt
  • Mack
  • International
  • Etc.

Why are you waiting? Call us and get the ball rolling. We offer preapproval by phone, or you can fill out our online application, and if you have collateral that can help your situation.

Whether you are interested in a new truck, used truck, or want to purchase from a private partyÑcontact us now for your next commercial vehicle lease!

Types of Commercial Truck Leasing We Do:

  • Over the road trucks and trailers
  • Used Truck Financing
  • Dump trucks and other commercial vehicles
  • Off road trucks
  • Boom trucks, utility trucks, etc.

We can help put your past credit problems behind our flexible truck leasing program

Commercial Truck Leasing For People With Bad Credit

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