Big Truck Financing

As we all know, the recent economic troubles have shaved a thin profit margin even thinner when it comes to trucking, and many drivers are facing hard times. Despite all this, there is no way around the fact that without a vehicle, you aren’t getting anywhere. At Capital Solutions, we understand that every road has rough spots and the only way to get through is to keep on going. If you are a trucker without a truck or a young driver just starting out, we might be able to help. We have made it our job to get truckers back on the road even if they have recently experienced economic troubles including repossession or bankruptcy.

Our specialty is finding creative solutions for big truck financing. That means that we can look past a rocky credit history by finding alternative collateral sources or by using a cosigner. Here are some of the things we offer:

  • Bad credit is no problem, including repossessions and bankruptcies
  • We are willing to work with young or first-time buyers
  • We accept alternative collateral sources
  • We let you buy your truck from anywhere
  • Used trucks are okay

Big Truck Financing For Truckers With Bad Credit

In many cases, you can get preapproved for financing right over the phone. While we won’t be able to work with everyone, you might be surprised by our flexibility. Our number one asset is that we understand trucking and truckers, so give us a try. We would love to hear your story and try to help you find a big truck financing solution. We invite you to fill out an application on this site and submit it. This will allow us to familiarize ourselves with your situation and to begin searching for a solution.

Another important facet of our business is that we know big truck financing inside and out. We maintain contact with all the leading manufactures as well as staying current with federal regulations. Our goal is to get truckers into reliable vehicles that can get the job done. Moreover, we will help you to create a realistic big truck financing plan so that you can stay ahead of your bills and climb back into the driver’s seat. It is in our best interest, as well as yours, to create a successful financing plan. That means that we don’t take shortcuts. We will look at your situation from every angle and find a solution that works.

Rest assured that we have seen it all before. If your finances are in a sad state, don’t despair. Contact us right away. We want to hear your story. Our niche is finding solutions to difficult financing problems, so give us a try. If you have experienced some bad luck, we want to help you to get back on the road and back in the black.

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